The Transition: Dr. Kelly Murphy #2

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Playing Human Amongst Vampires Sucks

Moving past the choice made for her to become a vampire, Dr. Kelly Murphy is determined not to let it derail the vision she had of her life. Instead, she transitions herself to live her once human life and adjust to her new vampire responsibilities. And those are too many to count at times.

Not only does she need to learn what navigating through vampire culture truly means—and survive—but she also has to figure out her new abilities and limitations. Oh, and there’s a King of the vampires, who seems nice… That’s not the same as being her friend though. Then again, she’s never really sure who she can trust since they all seem to have their own agenda and want something from her.

Even if it’s simply to be in her bed, winning her like a prize.

When leaders in the vampire hierarchy start being murdered, no one has any clue as to the culprit, and they could all be next. And here she was exceeding everyone’s expectations in her career. Maybe lasting through her internship really isn’t an option?

©2014 Released 2/13/2014
Erotic Romance, female protagonist, paranormal, vampire, surgeon, love triangle, mystery